bi'bakaudio #04


Thursday, 16.03.2017, at 8pm
*The talk will be held in English.

bi’bakaudio #04 presents an audiovisual journey into the sonic universe of Congolese popular music across two continents:

Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo): creativity in a region devastated by thirty years of war; Melilla (Spanish North Africa): performances in the everydayness of a migrants detention center; London: Congolese music as part of the African cultural scene between cosmopolitan activism and flamboyant fashion lovers.

Across these three places Eugenio Giorgianni presents two life stories of Congolese artists – Emerson from ‘CETI star’ and Mulele Matondo Afrika, focusing on their creative strategies of music making “on the move”. Sound appears here at the same time as a survival tool and as a supernatural inspiration, as the vehicle for radical political ideas and as a commercial hook for international audiences. Visual and sonic samples of collaborative ethnography disclose the artists’ visions and desires together with the background of a six-year research.

Eugenio Giorgianni is a filmmaker and a PhD student in Music at Royal Holloway, University of London, graduated in Cultural Anthropology in Palermo, Italy, and in Visual Anthropology in Manchester, UK. He has conducted fieldwork in Italy, Spain, Morocco, UK and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, experimenting with collaborative practices of music filmmaking with a range of artists. He is member of WarToy and The Big Tree Collective.

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