bi'bakaudio #09


Thursday 09.11.2017 at 8pm

Nowadays, as music journalism has been reduced to copy-pasting from the record labels, Mario Pschera‘s writings on musical themes are a refreshing change and showcase his palpable expertise. Pschera is a journalist (including Neues Deutschland, among others), a publisher (Dagyeli Verlag) and a musician (Tschiltan band) of Central Asian music. During our conversation, we will learn about his adventures and experiences as a crossover, pioneer and populariser of Central Asian music in Europe.

As Mario Pschera is an expert in Central Asian music, he will discuss with us the metamorphoses of the traditional musical genres, his challenges and experiences as an artist who has brought Kyrgyz, Tajik, and Kazakh music closer to the European and maybe unfamiliar audience, and about performing alongside musicians from the countries mentioned above in Berlin as well as in Central Asia. Also, we will bring questions to him about how his band is received in Tajikistan. And how does a network of Central Asian musicians in Europe work?

Mario Pschera, born in 1968 in East Germany, is founder of the publishing house Dagyeli which is specialized on turkish, central asian and caucasian literature. Besides various jobs as translator,  illustrator, feature writer he works in marketing for a Berlin Newspaper and since 2009 sings has been singing in the Berlin Central Asian folk band Tschiltan.