bi'bakaudio #07


Thursday, 28.09.2017 at 8pm 

With curator Yuriy Gurzhy and DJ Robert Šoko, the first event of the new bi’bakaudio series YuroSalon dwells on BalkanBeats. They will talk about Balkan beat music as a phenomenon of Balkan diaspora in Germany and about the music which is actually produced in the Balkan countries. Can we claim that Balkan beat was “made in Germany”? And how do musical influences move across borders? How is this popular phenomenon perceived in the Balkan countries? What has the influence of the BalkanBeats hype had on the local music currently being produced in the Balkan countries? In our discussion, Robert Šoko will share the story and his secret to the worldwide success of this multicultural musical movement.

Born in Bosnia and currently living in Berlin, Robert Šoko started his parties in the German capital in 1993. He coined the term BalkanBeats and offered iconic compilations and albums, which are still today a blue print to any Balkan party. It took off, and by 2009, he had introduced his style and established regular BalkanBeats events in London, Paris and Budapest. Since then he started BalkanBeats parties in Mexico City & Tokyo and continues touring the world to spin this music.

This event will be held in English.

Website BalkanBeats

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