bi'bakaudio #08


Thursday 12.10.2017 at 8 pm

Through the music of and a discussion with Rocky B, aka Tropikal Camel, bi’bakaudio #08 highlights the issues of migration and identity, questioning the boundaries and similarities between Israeli, Middle Eastern and North African music scenes. As many other Israeli artists in Europe, he has also faced the questions of cultural boycott.

Contemporary music out of Israel struggles with identity, definition and acceptance, as artists draw on diverse roots from Mizrahim (Arab Jewish) heritage and attempt to carve out common spaces within the divided society. How can transcultural music exist in such a context? How do Israeli/Jews produce music and integrate themselves into the Arabic/Middle Easter music sphere? Join us for a dialogue with curator Yuriy Gurzhy and Rocky B on these conflicted and cross-cultural issues, brought to life through the exotic music and the new European fusion.

The Tropikal Camel presents the new urban sound of Middle Eastern/North African futurism, an original fusion between traditional Arabic music with cutting edge electronic sounds. mixing the past and the future, melting the sounds of Kurdistan and Morocco, Jerusalem and Berlin. It is a quest for a new identity, one which has been released by colonialist thinking. One that has respect to the past but with heads up to the future, urban but tribal, dramatic but minimal, full of contradictions but keeping the balance. Electronic music that has a meaning and a story.

Roi “Rocky B” Assayag moved from Jerusalem to Berlin in 2013, where he currently lives and works. Having released 13 albums in broad range of diverse music genres, in each album and project he redefines his musical vision and continues to develop an original artistic language as a producer and as an MC. In 2015 Rocky B released four albums with four different labels: Folcore, Generation Bass, Shouka and Das Andere Selbst.

Funded by Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung