bi'bakaudio #10


Thursday 23.11.2017 at 8pm

The Disorientalists first started their ludicrous mix of Cabaret, Klezmer, Oriental Swing, Ragtime and Raggae two years ago at Studio Я at Maxim-Gorki-Theatre in Berlin. With their program Who Was Essad Bey? the songwriters Yuriy Gurzhy and Daniel Kahn together with singer Marina Frenk are presenting the life of the german writer Essad Bey: Born 1905 in Azerbaijan as Levin Nussimbaum, he converted to Islam 17 years later, changed his name to Essad Bey and wrote a few bestsellers before the war. His mother was friends with Stalin, his father an oil industrial. Essad Bey impersonated a persian prince, denied his jewish heritage and was planning to publish the first official biography on Mussolini.

Interesting enough, the musicians Yuriy Gurzhy (RotFront), Daniel Kahn (Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird) and Marina Frenk (Kapelsky & Marina) take the stories and rumors of Essad Bey even further – till the true story is vanishing in a cloud of uncertain identities.

Produced at Studio Я at Maxim-Gorki-Theatre 

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