bi'bakaudio #05


Thursday, 18.05.2017, at 8pm
Concert and Talk

Chernobyl is a place of sonic absences. After the hasty evacuation of local people from Pripyat in 1986, everyday life came to a sudden end. Mariana Sadovska has conducted research in the contaminated area for over 25 years about the songs of “those who stay behind”. Her recordings are an invaluable source for exploring the sonic effects of disaster, displacement and social separation. They were also the initiation point for her own musical creations such as those for the theatre piece “Sklavi-Song of a Migrant” (directed by William Docolomanski), the song project “Just not forever” with her band “Borderland”, and most recently for the surreal immigration piece “Adapt!”, commissioned for the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia. An actual dimension of her work relates to the conflict in the Eastern Ukraine and its cultural aftermath. In her current program “The Night Is Just Beginning”, where she mixes songs, poetry and rituals from the front line of the conflict with her creative musicality on the Indian Harmonium, piano and iPad with her own field recordings from the Donetsk region and villages near Volnovakha and Mariupol, she gives this human drama of displacement a voice.

Ukrainian musician and musicologist and theatre artist Mariana Sadovska has gained fame with her experimental Band “Borderland” in which she fuses traditional sounds from her expatriate home with Jazz and avantgarde. She has a background as an actress and was musical director of the Gardzienice-Theater in Poland until 2001. In 2013 she was commissioned to compose a work on Chernobyl for the Kronos Quartet. In 2006 she received the Creole-NRW prize for World Music, 2013 the German World music prize RUTH.

Photos: Felix Kayser

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