bi'bakino #19


Thursday, 17.11.2016, at 8pm

bi’bakino #19 shows Almanya Acı Vatan (“Germany, bitter home”, 1979) by Şerif Gören, a milestone in the German-Turkish migration cinema and mostly shot in Berlin. “Almanya Acı Vatan” is the first exhaustive try in Turksih cinema to deal with the theme of migration to Germany, leaving the traditional melodrama behind, showing it with instruments that reflect critically on society. The film shows the life of so-called “guest workers” from a critical point of view.

Güldane is a young confident Turkish woman, who lives and works in Germany. She spends her summer holiday in Turkey, where she meets Mahmut. Mahmut wants to marry her just to have the opportunity to go to Germany. In exchange, he offers her money, which she accepts without showing any interest in him as a person. In Germany she changes her behaviour towards him, when she is in need for protection from a man, who is harassing her. Mahmut and Güdane are getting closer, but the hard life in Germany brings them desperation more than joy.

Şerif Gören was born in Greece. Due to a scholarship he moved to Turkey. The entrance into the world of film he made via a job in the Erman Film Studios, where he started as a cutter. Since the 70s he has made altogether 45 movies, from which many count as the most important in Turkish cinema. For his most famous movie “Yol – The Way” he won the Golden Palm in Cannes in 1982 together with Yılmaz Güney.

Director: Şerif Gören
DoP: Izzet Akay
with Hülya Koçyiğit, Rahmi Saltuk, Mine Tokgöz, Suavi Eren
Turkey, 1979, 90 min., Original with German subtitles

With kind support of Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit des Landes Berlin (LEZ)