bi'bakino #26


Thursday, 23.03.2017 at 8 pm

In the context of the program series Hidden, Uprooted, Left Behind: Parental and Children’s Fates of Labor Migration bi’bakino #26 shows the German documentary Kofferkinder. Zurückgelassen in der Türkei by Anke Kültür. In addition to the journalist and director Anke Kültür, Gülcin Wilhelm, author of the book Generation Koffer.Die Pendelkinder der Türkei will be present at bi’bak. After the screening the guests will talk about their works and discuss together with the audience about the phenomenon of “Kofferkinder – suitcase children”.

The supporting film Before the Meal by Vefik Hadzismajlovic (former Yugoslavia, 1972, 8 Min., Original with German subtitles) portrays several families in the rural areas of Yugoslavia during their prayers before the meal. But the men are missing; they are working as “guest workers” in Germany. In her documentary Kofferkinder. Zurückgelassen in der Türkei (Germany, 2013, 45 Min., Original in German) Anke Kültür speaks to three people from the second generation of Turkish guest workers families who deal with their painful childhood memories as “suitcase children”. After the screening they will both present their work on the topic of “suitcase children” and discuss the issue with the audience. In her book Die Pendelkinder der Türkei the author Gülcin Wilhelm gives a voice to the protagonists and describes the influences and effects on family and identity.

Anke Kültür is a journalist at Radio Bremen. After visiting the Henri-Nannen school for journalists she worked for Korea Times as well as for various German media as a freelancer (die Welt, Wiener Standard, Brigitte, ZDF Morgenmagazin und Auslandsjournal, ARD).

The author Gülcin Wilhelm, born in Istanbul, has been living in Berlin since 1977. For a long time, she worked for the weekly newspaper “Freitag”. She works as a freelance journalist in Berlin.

Funded by Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit des Landes Berlin (LEZ)