Friday, 07.06.2019 at 7:30pm
The screening is followed by a discussion on queer feminist futures with AnouchK from TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin.
OV/English with English subtitles
Free admission

Born In Flames (USA 1983, 90 min)
Director: Lizzie Borden

Set ten years after the most peaceful revolution in United States history, a revolution in which a socialist government gains power, this films presents a dystopia in which the issues of many progressive groups – minorities, liberals, gay rights organizations, feminists – are ostensibly dealt with by the government, and yet there are still problems with jobs, with gender issues, with governmental preference and violence. In New York City, in this future time, a group of women decide to organize and mobilize, to take the revolution farther than any man – and many women – ever imagined in their lifetimes.


The movie that rocked the foundations of the early Indie film world, this provocative, thrilling classic is a fantasy of female rebellion set in America ten years after a social democratic cultural revolution. When Adelaide Norris, the black radical founder of the Woman’s Army, is mysteriously killed, a diverse coalition of women – across all lines of race, class, and sexual preference – emerges to blow the System apart.

Newly restored in high definition on its 35th anniversary, Born in Flames is even more relevant in today’s political climate. Preserved by Anthology Film Archives with restoration funding from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and The Film Foundation.

Event Guest: AnouchK
AnouchK, non binaire is one of the 6 members of the TFFB Team.

In collaboration with TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin
TransFormations – Trans* Film Festival Berlin: We are an organizing Team of Black & PoC trans*, two sprit, gender non-conforming people who want to make a change by creating and sustaining a space for intersectional films from (but not limited to) the perspectives of Black, Indigenous, PoC folks speaking about or from trans* and/ or gender-variant experiences. Each of us is also involved in other grassroots organizations and community based projects that are devoted to creating empowering spaces and producing social impact.

Screenings start at 20:00. Please make sure you arrive before the start of the film.