Thursday, 24.01.2019 at 7:30pm
The screening is followed by a talk with the director Mia Ma
OV with English subtitles

Film: Cantonese Rice
Director: Mia Ma
France 2015, 50 min.

In Cantonese Rice Mia Ma follows the private life of her family that immigrated from China to Paris. Her Cantonese grandmother loves the cheese of the adopted country but not the language. Her father functions as the interpreter between grandmother and granddaughter, who do not share a common language. The film investigates how a language can be lost in just one generation and the consequential effects of the language barrier on family ties and social identities. Mia Ma’s search to find her country of origin by connecting with other immigrated families does not lack in humour.

Film: Retornados
Director: Meredith Hoffman, Sarah Kuck
Honduras & USA 2017, 17 min.

Retornados depicts the gang violence in Honduras, which continues to spiral out of control. Three families find themselves caught between a state that cannot keep them safe and another that refuses to allow them to escape.

Event Guest: Mia Ma
Mia Ma has studied philosophy and worked as a journalist before discovering her passion for documentary films at the film school Ateliers Varan in Paris. Cantonese Rice (2015) is her first documentary.

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