bi'bakino #12


Thursday, 09.06.2016, at 9pm

bi’bakino #12 features the new “docu-drama” Destination: Serbistan by the serbian cult director Želimir Žilnik.
Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers in Serbia, placed in asylum centers after their dramatic journeys from war-torn and poverty-stricken areas of North Africa, Near and Middle East go through a period of adaptation to life and social circumstances in Serbia. In most cases, however, their goal is to reach one of the EU countries. Docu-drama is a space for them, beside the socio-political context in which they found themselves, to show their individual values, becoming heroes that viewers can identify with and whose destiny and struggle they can understand. The film deals in an artistic exceptional form with one of the most burning issues of our present, consequently denying any appropriation by imaginary and identitarian cultural policy.

Written and directed by Želimir Žilnik
Serbia, 2015, 94 Min, Original with English subtitles

Želimir Žilnik (born in Niš in 1942) has written and directed numerous feature and documentary films which have reaped many awards at domestic and international film festivals including Golden Bear at the Berlinale 1969 for his first feature Early Works and Teddy Award for Marble Ass in 1995.  Žilnik is renowned as an initiator of the “docudrama” genre. From the very beginning his films have focused on contemporary issues in Yugoslavia and the Balkan region, featuring social, political and economic assessments of everyday life.

bi’bakino ist gefördert von der Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung und dem QM Soldinerstrasse.