bi'bakino #35


Thursday, 19.10.2017 at 8pm

Nowaday’s capitalism is not only controlling the global goods and money flows. Also love and sex are part of the global markets. Often prejudices and cliches about the “exotic” are part of the expectations of the customers. For this double feature night we are presenting two films of the austrian filmmaker Ulrich Seidl: The documentary Die letzten Männer (The last men) from 1995 and the feature film Paradies: Liebe (Paradise: Love) from 2012.

The documentary Die letzten Männer shows austrian men, who can’t deal with the emancipation of the women in their country. The teacher Karl Schwingenschlögl  therefore hopes to find a wife in Far East. His future wife should be “Clean, domestic, thrifty and obsequious”. Finding the right match should be harder than expected.

The feature film Paradies: Liebe is the first part of the trilogy Paradies: Liebe, Glaube, Hoffnung. It deals with sex tourism in Kenya. 50-year-old Teresa, single mother of a teenage daughter, travels to Kenya in search of a man. The film captures the development from hope in the beginning to disappointment. In the end Teresa learns the bitter truth: prostitution will always be prostitution and love in this context is nothing more than a commercial good.

Die letzten Männer
Regie: Ulrich Seidl
AT 1994, 44′
German Original

Paradies: Liebe
Regie: Ulrich Seidl
AT 2012, 120′
Original with English Subtitles

 Funded by Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken aus Mitteln der BMZ