bi'bakino #29


25.05.2017, at 9pm
In presence of the director Gisela Tuchtenhagen

In the film series City, Country, Stranger, curated by Florian Wüstbi’bakino #29 presents the film Ekmek Parasi – Geld für’s Brot (Ekmek Parasi – Money for the daily bread).

The vegetables come from the garden behind the house, the fish from the can and the money for the daily bread comes from the factory. The women came here for this money. Women from Turkey, women from the North German Mecklenburg – together, they are working on the assembly line of the Hawesta fish factory in Lübeck. Their hands coloured brown and persistently smelling from the fish, their arms and backs aching. If this work was conducted by men, it would have been automated already but women’s labor is cheap and the women don’t complain, despite all problems. They have learned to work. The work is their pride.

Director: Serap Berrakkarasu & Gisela Tuchtenhagen
DE 1994, 86 min., German