bi'bakino #14


Thursday, 07.07.2016, at 9pm

bi’bakino #14 shows the Belgian documentary Eurovillage by François Pirot in the presence of the director.
“Wait and wait and wait and hope” – this comment of one of the asylum seekers, who lives in a converted holiday village in the Ardennes, describes their daily life in a fitting manner.
The macabre moment, which is transported through the location, underlines the misery of the people on which the film focuses. Where other people are spending their holidays, they are condemned to wait for their personal liberty.

François Pirot was born in 1977 and is a Belgian director and screen writer. Until now he realised five movies, two of them short films. His career started in 2007 with the movie “Private Property”(Original title “Nue Propriété”) by Joachim Lafosse, for which he wrote the script.

Directed by François Pirot
Belgium 2015, 71 min., Original with English subtitles