bi'bakino #15


Friday, 23.09.2016, at 8pm
Thursday, 06.09.2016, at 8pm

In the context of the accompanying program and the opening of the exhibition SILA YOLU – The Holiday Transit to Turkey and the Tales of the Highway we will be showing the historic documentary E5 Ölüm Yolu/ Gastarbeiterstrasse (E5 Death Road/Guestworker’s Road) – from the body of work of the well-known actor and director Tuncel Kurtiz.

Kurtiz, who had lived and worked in Germany for many years, portrays in his documentary, which was shot for Swedish TV in 1978, a variety of travellers on the former Europastraße (E5) between Germany and Turkey. At the time, the high rate of accidents on this road explained the myth-enshrouded reputation of it being the most dangerous highway in the world, which continues to this day. At rest areas, Kurtiz speaks to drivers about their home, the difficulty of the route and the intractability of the passion, which makes them drive this route despite everything.

Directed by: Tuncel Kurtiz
Sweden/ Turkey, 1978, 60 min., with German subtitles

As opener we will show the animation film Karambolage – Ford Transit (2009, 5’) by Christine Gensheimer and Timo Katz.

With kind support of Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit des Landes Berlin (LEZ)