bi’bakino #60


Thursday 14.06.2018 at 7.30pm
Screening followed by an open discussion on trans rights and experiences of migration within Turkey with the human rights activist Janset Kalan.

Deniz is a trans woman working as a sex laborer in Mersin. She was a victim of an hate attack by a group of people with knives. She was injured seriously and moreover crashed a car while running and broke her leg. While she is getting healed she is also struggling for her rights with “7 Colours”, the first LGBTI+ association of the south region of Turkey. One of the ways of defeating hate is to take part in the daily life more and more and by this to be acceptable by society.

Hatewalk is a documentary showing a life-long battle with hate and transphobia, reminding us the safe spaces within our chosen families and trans solidarity.

Director: Serkan Çiftçi
2017, Turkey
Turkish with English subtitles, 72 min.

Event Guest: Janset Kalan
Janset Kalan is a trans human rights activist, born in 1987, in Adana, Turkey; currently residing in Ankara, Turkey. She has a BA in Political Science & International Relations from Marmara University. Her activism started in 2004 when she first met with Lambdaistanbul. She has been writing news, articles and translation pieces for Kaos GL since 2010. She worked for 2 years as International Affairs Coordinator for Pembe Hayat LGBTT Solidarity Association between 2014 and 2016. She coordinated a series of roundtable workshops with experts and representatives from NGOs and ministries on Psycho-Social Support Mechanisms Towards Trans* Citizens in Turkey. She is currently the General Secretary of The Steering Board of Pembe Hayat. She is a full-time sex worker.

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