bi'bakvideo #02


Friday, 27.03.2015, at 8.30pm

bi’bakvideo is a curated film and video programme and took place in 2015 in the project space bi’bak. Every programme is dedicated to a certain subject and deals with questions around these issues. We show short films, experimental films, documentaries and animations and sometimes invite the directors for an artist-talk.
Curated by Can Sungu

bi’bakvideo #02 is dedicated to the everyday life of man and machine. Once man believed in progress, innovation and perfection. All kinds of things had been invented, developed and optimized – all for the sake of the well-being of humankind. Since technology improved, one also had to realize how things got messed up. Breakdowns and shortcomings of technology appeared: undesirable developments, errors, ecological crisis and catastrophes, digital waste, internet addiction, etc. Techno-dystopias have become part of our everyday life and Big Brother sneaks into our daily routines constantly. Some people grow rich with user data, some others get lost in the internet. It is a love-hate relationship with all of these gadgets, which becomes more and more obsessive and uncontrollable. How was all this once imagined? How did it turn out? And what is next?

We show:

The Magic Tape (Ferdinand Khittl, 1959, 20’)

The Home of the Future: Year 1999 A.D. (Lee Madden, 1967, 23’)

You and Me, Everyday (Elizabeth Wurst, 2011, 8’)

Voice Booth (Dionysia Mylonaki, 2014, 8’)

Sequence Error (George Drivas, 2011, 11’)

October (Samya Boutros Mikhail, 2013, 10’)

and more surprising cuts…