bi'bakino #20


Thursday, 01.12.2016, at 8pm, German Premiere
Additional Screening: Sunday, 04.12.2016, at 8pm

bi’bakino #20 will be a special evening with a German premiere! We have the honour to show the feature film Kara Kafa (Blackhead) by Korhan Yurtsever from 1979, which has been shot in Germany. It will be shown in Germany for the first time and for this occasion we are happy to announce that the director will be joining us for the premiere and for a Q&A.

Kara Kafa has been labeled as forbidden by the Turkish censorship committee directly after its publication with the argument that the film would insult “the honour of Germany, the befriended nation”. Due to this incident the world premiere of the movie was delayed for 32 years and took place at the film festival in Antalya in 2011. Kara Kafa differs from other examples of German-Turkish migration cinema  by its left-winged view on migration and the open criticism of society.

Kara Kafa tells about the life of the metal worker Cafer in Germany and shows the  desperate situation of his family, which is worsening. He gets them to join him from their home village in Turkey. Cafer is convinced that Germany is the land of boundless opportunities and that it will free him from his poverty. It is his opinion that all the migration workers who found work in Germany, should be thankful and hard working without moaning about their situations. He doesn’t like the associations, the unions and the assemblies, which some of his friends, but also his wife Hacer, take part in. Hacer is motivated to engage for the emancipation of women because of her difficult relation to her husband. She is changing her opinions, but she also changes her mentality. Her oldest son is lonely and wanders around aimlessly through the streets of the city, meanwhile her daughter is held imprisoned at home to take care of her newborn brother. As the song in the credits suggests, the faith of the working class lies in their own hands: ” When we don’t stand up, our suffering won’t end!”

Korhan Yurtsever was born in Istanbul, since a young age he worked as a cutter in the studio of his uncle. His feature film Fıratın Cinleri from 1978 won several prizes, including the prize of the jury from the San Remo festival. After a personal invitation from the major of the city Berlin he started shooting Kara Kafa in Berlin, in the Ruhr area and in Turkey. After the ban of his movie he stayed in Germany for a couple of years, before he returned to Turkey, where he continued working as a director, mostly for promotional films.

Directed by Korhan Yurtsever
DoP: George Becker
with Savaş Yurttaş, Betül Aşçıoglu, Cüneyt Kaymak, Özlem Güler
Turkey, 1979, 76 min., Original with English subtitles

With the kind support of Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit des Landes Berlin (LEZ)