bi'bakino #34


Thursday 05.10.2017 at 8pm

Searching for the authentic

Nowadays the expectation of authenticity is widespread: Not only during holidays, also at the italian restaurant next door guests want to feel as if they were in Rome or Milan. The restaurants fulfill these expectations. Greek restaurants are combining the aesthetics of greek mythology with impressions of the last Crete-holiday and italian pizzerias welcome their guests with a warm “Boun Giorno!”. But many of these mediterranean restaurants are not even run by Greeks or Italians but by their neighbors – Turks or Albanians, who are using the stereotypes of their german guests to meet expectations.

The documentary La Deutsche Vita presents Berlin through the eyes of Alessandro Cassigoli, an italian immigrant. After seven years in the german capital Cassigoli together with Tania Masi from Florence and William Chicarelli from Brazil starts documenting the italian community in Berlin. In “one of the hardest winters Berlin has ever experienced” the Italians suffer from the cold, the snow and the bad coffee. Moreover, the protagonist Max, who is an actor, is repeatedly stumbling over his russian appearance in castings. The film playfully works with prejudices and cliches, revealing the absurdity of “authentic” illusion.

La deutsche Vita
Director: Alessandro Cassigoli & Tania Masi
DE 2013, 61 Min.
Original with English subtitles