Thursday, 29.11.2018 at 7:30pm
The screening is followed by a talk with Rosario Talevi and María Fernanda Agudelo Ganem

After its closure by the Colombian government in 2001, the legendary hospital La Hortúa in Bogotá was squatted in by former employees and their families. Andrés Cháves’ short documentary observes their daily routines in the solitude of the crumbling buildings. In La Multitud, Martín Oesterheld looks at two derelict entertainment complexes in Buenos Aires built during different dictatorships, nowadays mainly traversed by migrants living in the area: a city shown from its ends.

La Hortúa
Director: Andrés Cháves
Colombia 2011, 24 min
Spanish with English subtitles (OmeU)

La Multitud
Director: Martín Oesterheld
Argentina 2012, 60 min
Spanish with English subtitles (OmeU)

Rosario Talevi is an architect based in Berlin. She is a graduate of the University of Buenos Aires and former DAAD fellow. Her practice incorporates pedagogical, editorial and curatorial projects relating to contemporary architecture and urbanism.

María Fernanda Agudelo Ganem studied architecture in Bogotá and urban design in Berlin. She co-founded CARLOS, an interdisciplinary collective that focuses on relinking culture and nature as part of the spatial production.