bi'bakino #40


Friday, 08.12.2017 at 6 pm

What does it mean for a woman to remain childless in as country with the world’s highest birth rate? Aicha Macky explores this question in a personal and impressive way in her autobiographical film L’Arbre sans fruit. On the search for answers, the director gives a voice to women who have been marginalised and discriminated against for being childless and thus living outside of the norms of their society. L’Arbre sans fruit breaks with Nigerien taboos and is at the same time a courageous statement of female solidarity and self-empowerment.

Director: Aicha Macky
Niger 2016, 52 min, OV with English subtitles.

Aicha Macky was born in 1982 in Zinder, Niger. After receiving her high school degree she studied sociology. Later on she studied documentary filmmaking in Senegal. After her short films Savoir faire le lit and Moi et ma maigreur, L’Arbre sans fruit is her first long documentary film with which she won the Africa Movie Academy Award 2016.