bi'bakino #24


Thursday, 23.02.2017, at 8pm

The life of a well-situated family seems to be almost perfect. Nestled in the vastness of a New York loft, this image seems nearly too idyllic. As for the character of Gloria, who works as a nanny for the ambitious parents, more complex dependencies come to light. The harmonious family image begins to crumble. Moodysson brings together various narrative strings that question the responsibility of the industrial nations of the Western World.

Directed by Lukas Moodysson
Camera: Marcel Zyskind
Sweden/ Denmark/ Germany, 2009, 120 min. w/ English subtitles

Lukas Moodysson was known as a novelist and short story writer before he came out in 1998 with his his first feature film Fucking Åmål. A row of works followed, one of the best known might be Lilja 4-ever, from 2002.

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