bi'bakino #21


Thursday, 08.12.2016, at 8pm

bi’bakino # 21 shows the award-winning documentary My Father, The Guest Worker by Yüksel Yavuz from 1995.

The Kurdish director Yüksel Yavuz tells in an autobiographical documentary film about the life of his father, who worked from 1968 to 1984 as a guest worker on a Hamburg shipyard. He knew only the ways to work, to the fish market and to the cafe and he never really felt at home. Yavuz succeeds in a touching time document, in which he traces the personal life story of his father and connects it with a part of West-German history.

Directed by Yüksel Yavuz
Camera: Rolf Blank, Ralf Klingelhöfer
Germany, 1995, 52 min., Original with English subtitles

Yüksel Yavuz was born in Karakoçan in eastern Turkey in 1964 and lives in Germany since 1980. He studied sociology and economics in Hamburg. With My Father, The Guest Worker, Yavuz presented his first cinematic work, which won several prizes. Other films, which have also won several awards, include: Aprilkinder (1998), Kleine Freiheit (2003), Close up – Kurdistan (2007), Longing for Istanbul (2010) Hêvî (2012), AMED – Memory of a City (2016).

Before My Father, the Guest Worker the 16mm short film They serve Allah and the Germans by Michael Brückner& Peter Heller will be screened. The documentary depicts the role of religion for the Turkish Guest Workers in an iron foundry in Frankfurt.

Directed by Michael Brückner& Peter Heller, Germany, 1973, 25 min.

With kind support of Landesstelle für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit des Landes Berlin (LEZ)