Friday, 24.05.2019 at 7:30pm
The screening is followed by a discussion with Nalan Aşkın and Derin Akıllı on Pembe Hayat and how online channel became a way to ‘trans’ the LGBTI+ ban in Ankara
Pembe Hayat videos will be screened for the first time with English subtitles
Free admission

Vegan Inclusive Trans Cake and More: Pembe Hayat Online
Director: Nalan

Today we have made a very special cake for you dear followers! You may ask why we did make a cake, to get the answer watch  our videos on Pembe Hayat channel.

LGBTI+ video-activism in Ankara began with Kara News Collective that records LGBTI+ demonstrations and marches, and then carried by the independent video-activists. Madi Media, some of the members of which were Pembe Hayat activists, produced video-news at the first banned Istanbul Pride March in June 2016, recorded the demonstrations by LGBTI+ communitys in Ankara via amatuer ways and shared them on social media. Following the bans issued by governorship of Ankara against all LGBTI+ related public events on November 2017, Pembe Hayat decided to use online channels as a tool of video-activism to motivate the community that could not get together due the bans. Pembe Hayat online channel becomes a performance space and an alternative resisting medium for the trans community. The selection is composed of several videos with different themes and forms. Transvestite goes for an inspection, makes a special cake and makes “madi” (trolling) comments.

Event Guests: Nalan and Sude Derin

Nalan is trans and a video-activist. At her leisure times when she can not use the coquetry as a mass weapon against hate, she explores things as toying with the camera, and she shows them by cutting, patching and montaging. Now, she is transforming at Pembe Hayat, and in the meantime she shoots and edits. And in her spare times, she goes on putting on coquettish airs.

Sude Derin is a 20 years old trans activist and she has been at Pembe Hayat for four years. She got involved in Pembe Hayat with the festival KuirFest when she was 16, and since then she has been an activist in LGBTI+ movement. She makes peer counseling on gender reassignment process within Pembe Hayat.

Screenings start at 20:00. Please make sure you arrive before the start of the film.