bi’bakvideo #03


Friday, 25.09.2015, at 8.00pm

Back from summer holidays and back from the motorway! More than 2000 kilometers are lying behind us. With our little T3-Bulli we traveled from Berlin via Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria to Izmir in Turkey in order to visit our relatives there. And then all the way back.

On our way we started doing research for our upcoming exhibition project Sıla Yolu –  On the Way of the Turkish Guest-Workers between Germany and Turkey. The exhibition is going to happen the next year. It will deal with the vacation-transit to Turkey in the past and present via the motorway and we will collect multiple stories that relate to this famous and still heavily frequented road.

To give a little teaser for the exhibition project, bi’bakvideo #03 is going to show the documentary E5 Ölüm Yolu/ Gastarbeiterstrasse (Tuncel Kurtiz, 1978, 60’) by the German-Turkish actor and director Tuncel Kurtiz who sadly died recently. In his film, which was produced for a Swedish TV channel at the end of the 1970s, Kurtiz emphatically portraits various travellers on the E5, the former European route No.5 between Turkey and Germany. In those days the myth of this route as one of the most dangerous motorways in the world was born, caused by the high number of car accidents that had been reached every summer during the period of vacation-transit to Turkey and back.

Complementary and in order to give some actual motorway-impressions we are also going to show some small pieces of video that we have recorded ourselves this summer on the road.