bi’bakvideo #01


Tuesday, 27.02.2015, at 7.30pm

bi’bakvideo is a curated film and video programme and took place in 2015 in the project space bi’bak. Every programme is dedicated to a certain subject and deals with questions around these issues. We show short films, experimental films, documentaries and animations and sometimes invite the directors for an artist-talk.
Curated by Can Sungu

bi’bakvideo #01 is about the working life.

Work has to be fun! Who wouldn’t enjoy having a pleasant working environment, stimulating recreational opportunities and a palsy-walsy relationship between colleagues and superiors? The corporate companies, which the film Work Hard, Play Hard (2011, 90’) aims to portray, are trying to provide exactly these working conditions for their employees. Work space is nicely done up, there are extracurricular activities for team-building purposes and working itself seems to be more like gaming; with “challenges” to be met and personal “performances” to improve.

The award-winning documentary Work Hard, Play Hard by Carmen Losmann (Grimme-Prize 2014, FIPRESCI Prize/DOK Leipzig 2011) shows in quite striking pictures, the inside of such a “brave new world” of labour. The short film Scharrenhausers Architekturbüro (2009, 6’) by Fabian Daub and Claire Walka deals with how and at what price the dissolution of boundaries between work and free time could work out.