bi'bakstube #21


Friday, 16.12.2016, at 8pm

Abo Malik cooks specialties from Damascus:

Fattet Djaj- Layered Chicken Platter – فتة جاج
Kibbeh – كبة
Tabouleh – تبولة
Fattoush –  فتوش

Vegetarian options are available. We use helal meat in our dishes.
We have limited capacities. Please make reservations via Email or PM on Facebook!!!

At bi’bakstube #21 an artistic intervention Trickmisch bei Tisch (Julia Kapelle & Tamin Sibai) will take place. If you want to get involved in this come early at 7pm.

For Trickmisch bei Tisch, we – the Mobile Bildsprachlabor – invite all visitors to join us in the search for German, Arabic and transnational language images and proverbs. On the tables, these can be illustrated and drawn on the paper tablecloth. Before the meal the drawings are fed into the “mobile pics-dictionary” and can be processed after the dinner into small animations.

Fotos: Felix Kayser

Kindly supported by Stiftung DKLB