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RAKI PRINZIP No. 5 #EatingEmotions

Saturday, 18.11.2017 at 7pm

Rakı Prinzip is a collective dinner and round table discussion with Raki and food. The team around Freia Kuper, Ariana Dongus, Elisa Pieper and Yalin Özer are organizing the dinner series for the fifth time now. Together at a shared table with friends and strangers Rakı Prinzip opens up space for discussion and tries to find complex answers to the difficult questions of our time.

After the four former events focussing on the emotions hate, love, anger and fear this time not a single emotion but emotions as such are the topic of the night. How do we deal with emotions? Are they acted out or surpressed, kept secretly inside or shouted out? What do emotions do with us and how do we work with them? Eating Emotionsputs the focus on emotions in arts, politics and science. Do we need to draw a line between emotion and reason – and if so, how is it shifted?

Come and join us on the 18th November at our table. Please make a reservation beforehand at rakiprinzip[at] We are asking for an adequate donation between for food, drinks and the discussion programme. 

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