bi'bakstube #20


Friday, 11.11.2016 at 8 pm

Abo Malik cooks specialities from Damascus:

Kibbeh grilled – كبه مشويه
Kibbeh fried – كبه مقليه
Lentil Soup – شوربه عدس
Fattoush –  فتوش

Vegetarian options are available. We use helal meat in our dishes.

At bi’bakstube #20 an artistic intervention by TRICKMISCH (Julia Kapelle & Guest Eleftheria Gavrilidou) took place.

For Trickmisch bei Tisch, proverbs on the topic of “food” in German and Arabic are distributed to the arriving guests, thus determining the seating order. Guests are encouraged to draw on their paper-tablecloth and illustrate the proverbs. As a result, they can be digitized with the Trickmischtool and further processed into small animations.

Fotos: Felix Kayser

Kindly supported by Stiftung DKLB