bi'bakwerk #09


A pimped model car convoy on the road from Berlin-Wedding to Istanbul.

*B is for Berlin, 34 for Istanbul

In the workshop Konvoi B-34 we work about the holiday traffic from Germany to Turkey from the perspective of the children. On the way, we exchange the adventures on the road, experiences with cars, traffic jams, borders, picnic breaks, diesel fumes, speed and finally the arrival.

The photos from the family archives complete the stories of the children and bring us the memories from their parents’ and grandparents’ past. Finally, we ask ourselves: How would the dream car -the fastest, the fanciest and the coolest- for this trip look like?
The children design and ‘tune’ their remote controlled transit model cars to join to the Konvoi B-34. The radio-controlled model cars are shown in Berlin and Istanbul as  the  part of “Sıla Yolu – on the way of the Turkish working migrants between Germany and Turkey” exhibition project.

The workshop  will take place during the Easter Holidays in cooperation with Humbolthain School.
Kindly funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.