bi'bakwerk #13


In the Kiez there is something going on: many things are changing, new people are coming, others are leaving, and our neighbourhood is no longer the same as one, two, five or ten years ago. This does not always have to be negative, quite the opposite!

With the help of different games, game developers explore and experience the public space and the pluricultural traces in the neighborhood in a variety of ways: they learn stories and tell something about themselves. Through the narratives, diverse places of encounter arise, which will certainly affect the everyday life of the inhabitants – one gets to know the neighbors better, one knows their stories, one is called by name.

In the workshop, Soldino was developed – a play for Soldiner Kiez, in which different people, places and stories were brought together. Afterwards the game with different groups from Soldiner Kiez was tested and played.

17.11.2016 Meet in the Kiez and at 5pm in bi’bak
02.12.2016 Workshop 5-7.30pm in bi’bak (ending with a joint meal)
03.12.2016 Workshop 10am-4pm in bi’bak
03.12.2016 Test matches in the Kiez, meeting place 4pm at bi’bak
21.3.2017 Test matches in the Kiez, meeting place Nachergschaftsetage Osloer Str, at 3-9pm
22.3.2017 Test matches in the Kiez, meeting place Nachergschaftsetage Osloer Str, at 3-9pm
11.5.2017 Test matches in the Kiez, meeting place after the meeting Osloer Str, 3.30-5.30pm

A project by bi’bak in cooperation with Sankt Urban Berlin, the Fanmilienzentrum in der Nachbarschaftsetage Osloer Strasse and the Weddinger Partnerschaft Demokratie in der Mitte.

The neighbourhood game took place within the framework of the International Weeks against Racism because: to connect oneself to neighbours is to dismantle prejudices.

Led by: Karsten Michael Drohsel
Illustration: Franziska Schaum

Im Auftrag des QM Soldiner Strasse gefördert durch die Bundesrepublik Deutschland und das Land Berlin im Rahmen der Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil, Programm Soziale Stadt.