bi'bakwerk #14


Sunday, 21.05.2017 and 11.06.2017, at 3-6pm

The tiger has been in Berlin for many years now. Meanwhile, he loves currywurst, has grown accustomed to the gray weather and has found new friends. In short, he has made many positive efforts towards integration. Once he even almost passed the naturalization test.

And yet he is always asked: Where are you from? Is your fur genuine? Are you dangerous? Can I pet you? Many are afraid of him, others find he is elegant, graceful or somehow interesting. Either way, he is always perceived differently, although he has long since found a new home in Berlin. This makes him sad and he begins to wonder who he really is. In the search for like-minded people, he hears a place where 2 or 3 or even many more other tigers are on their way to meet each other, listen to their stories, and learn something about themselves.

In workshop, we will meet with a group of children to find out the shape of the tiger, to find out what we really know about him, and how fantasy and projection create his image. The children will use the sketchbook to visit the “2 or 3 Tigers” in the exhibition and get an introduction to exciting artistic techniques and then design their tiger.

Participants: 12-15 children, age 8 to 12 years

Workshop led by: Tuna Arkun, Heather Purcell

Die Workshops Der Tiger kommt ins HKW finden im Begleitprogramm der Ausstellung 2 oder 3 Tiger statt und sind Teil der fortlaufenden Projektserie von bi’bak „Der Tiger kommt…“. Weitere Informationen unter: