bi'bakwerk #20


Autumn Holidays 2018

The Party-Tiger strolls through Berlin’s intercultural festive landscape in our Modelling Workshop.

The Tiger has been living for some time in Berlin. Sometimes he wanders over here, sometimes over there. In the meantime he has found a few Berliner friends, set up his apartment, done a few mini-jobs, started getting used to the Berliner summer and even tried a Currywurst. The Tiger now knows many people in Berlin, but the Tiger would not say that he knows everyone. Much is still unknown to him in the city. “Foreign people, customs and languages’ … and not to mention the eating habits… But when it comes to celebrating, he thinks that none of that matters. All are equal, all are happy. And you can meet lots of new friends. At the last Ramadan he met some cool people from the Turkish shadow theatre and had a barbecue with them at the Eid ul-Fitr. For Oktoberfest he didn’t quite manage to celebrate at the Wies’n in Munich but here at Alex it was just as good. For Muharrem a friend cooked Aschure for him, so sweet and tasty, and he is already looking forward to Christmas, as always! The Tiger loves celebrating and finds it super. He absolutely wants to discover even more festivals where he is allowed to join in with the celebrations. And what do you celebrate? Take the Party Tiger to your next party!

In a workshop during the autumn holidays we want to discuss with a mixed group of young children about the festivals they know, celebrate or would like to celebrate. Who celebrates what? Do we always know why we celebrate these festivals? Why are there fairs and fêtes? Does Father Christmas come to everyone’s home? Do you eat more sweets at Eid ul-Fitr or Easter? What is a memorial service?

Together with sound recordings and sketch books we explore our city and our festive habits. Inspired by A. Calder’s mechanically moving ‘circus models’ we design festivals, carousels and swing boats, decorations and costumes. Using basic materials like modelling clay, cardboard and fabric offcuts we build small movable figures, machines and sets for a huge festive landscape in 1:20 scale put into motion with the help of small electric motors.      

The results of this workshop will be assembled into an audio and visual installation and exhibited in bi’bak. A small brochure documents this project.

In cooperation with Kinderhilfswerk / Hort in der Erika Mann Grundschule and Friedenskreis Syrien. Sponsored by the project Jugend ins Zentrum! of the Bundesvereinigung Soziokultureller Zentren within the framework of the programme Kultur macht stark. Bündnisse für Bildung operated by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research.