bi’bakwerk #04


The adventures of the Tiger in Berlin continue…
The Tiger has invited his friends to his house in Soldiner Kiez/ Berlin-Wedding. His friends tell why and how they came to Berlin, what are they doing here now, and what are they planning to do in the future.

In our workshop we will work on a picture book which tells the story of the Tiger and his friends. The images of “the Other” in our everyday lives will be our inspiration. We will deal with the concept of exoticism as well as with stereotypes, stigmatization, orientalism and racism. We will examine labels which use exoticizing images in their marketing campaigns. In addition to historical examples, we will collect some products from the shops in our neighborhood. Found material will be combined with stamps and will be used for illustrating the book.

bi’bak in collaboration with the Humbolthain-Grundschule and the Gesundbrunnen-Grundschule
Funded by Berlin Project Funds for Cultural Education
Workshop: 30.3–2.4.2015
Book launch: May 2015
Facilitators: Tuna Arkun, Malve Lippmann, Can Sungu

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