The Tiger comes with Friends

Monday, 22.07. – Friday, 26.07.2019
A picture book about the life of the tiger and his friends at their new home
Workshop for children from 8-12 years
Presentation: 26.07.2019

The tiger has been living in Berlin for quite a while now. Meanwhile, he has found some friends in Berlin, set up his apartment, made a couple of mini-jobs, got used to the summer in Berlin and even tried a Currywurst. Some of his friends from far away have settled here recently as well. The tiger invited them to his domicile in Wedding. His friends are telling us why and how they came to Berlin, how they are doing and what they are up to here.

In our workshop, we work with children on a picture book that tells stories about the tiger and his friends. As inspiration, we will deal with the image of the “stranger” in everyday culture. We deal with the depiction of exoticism, as well as with stereotypes, stigmatization, orientalism and racism and investigate phenomena in the field of consumption, that are referring to the exotic in advertising. In addition to historical material, we also collect products from the shops in the neighborhood to include the “exotic” figures found there on packaging and labels in our picture book. Based on further materials such as stamps, printing ink and found material, the scenes are supplemented and assembled into a story.

The results of the workshops, the finished pictures book with the stories, will be presented after the workshop in the project room. For the presentation, we invite the neighborhood and the children’s parents.

Workshop facilitators: Tuna Arkun, Heather Purcell

In cooperation with Erika Mann Grundschule, supported by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung im Bezirk Mitte von Berlin