bi'bakwerk #15


Wednesday, 28.06.2017, at 6:30-9pm

Meeting point: Nachbarschaftsetage Osloer Str. 12, 13359 Berlin

Participants from various countries of origin, with different residence, cultural or social background, exchange their experiences and present them in simple drawings. Through simple character games and common process, key elements and similarities of the migration and discrimination experiences crystallize into clear statements and are formed into image motifs. The participants’ drawings are imported into a digital image database using the trickmix tool. On the Trickmischplattform ( the participants can complement their drawings with picture elements from the picture database and compose them into poster motifs. The pictorial motifs can be supplemented or illustrated by a simple slogan / proverb sentence (translated into the vernacular languages ​​of our neighbourhood, including German / Turkish / Arabic).

The posters will be distributed in September in the urban space of our neighborhood. Passersby are encouraged to comment. The participants see their own drawings on the posters in the neighborhood in the public, they gain recognition and social participation. Old Berlin neighbours and New Berlin neighbours can approach one another. Experiences of exclusion and discrimination in everyday life are articulated directly and personally onto the poster catalog. People of different backgrounds can find themselves in the pictures, gain new perspectives or change old ones.

A project of bi’bakwerk in cooperation with Trickmisch, Together we Share, Team Works and Demokratie in der Mitte 

Im Auftrag des QM Soldiner Strasse gefördert durch die Bundesrepublik Deutschland und das Land Berlin im Rahmen der Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil, Programm Soziale Stadt.