bi'baxchange #11


Friday, 24.06.2016, at 7pm

bi’baxchange #11 presents the works of the Syrian artist Yaser Safi who currently lives and works in Berlin. Yaser Safi left some of his work in Syria like many Syrians who left their lives and dreams behind.
Paintings, as Safi is creating them, are bound to time and space due to their material nature. Compared to forms of art which can be reproduced, for example photography or film, paintings are unique. Thats why one could say that paintings can only be experienced as originals. In this sense they are linked to their specific materiality.

What is Yaser Safi leaving behind in Syria next to the canvases, on which he applied his artwork?
How is the relation of the presence of the work to the self definition of the artist?
ABSENT invites us to follow those questions in a kind of virtual exhibition.

Yaser Safi was born in Qamishly, Syria, in 1976. He graduated with a bachelor degree in art and a diploma in design from the University of Damascus. His solo exhibition in the French Cultural Center in Damascus in 1999 is marking the starting point of his career, which has been followed by a series of further solo exhibitions in Syria, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Belgium. Besides his solo exhibitions, Yaser Safi took part in various group exhibitions in the Middle East, Europe and the US and was awarded by numerous prizes.