bi’baxchange #07


Friday, 25.3.2016, at 7pm

bi’baxchange #07 invites the Berlin-based art and research collective spacedigger to present their current project Anxious Borders.

Anxious Borders is a year-long initiative of spacedigger and Carbon Collective from Mersin, Turkey. It comprises a research agenda and several artistic projects and exhibitions, all focusing on practices of urban inclusion and exclusion. Anxious Borders addresses the ways that people embodying different subjectivities must navigate the city using a variety of strategies to escape harassment or maintain a semblance of basic rights. At the same time, it examines how physical borders imbue a population with an affective sense of separation.

Taking Mersin and Berlin as two case studies, Anxious Borders studies how psycho-social relations are superimposed on the urban landscape. For bi’baxchange #07, Spacedigger provides a glimpse into the anxious borders that exist in Soldiner Kiez, while also showcasing some of the work being produced in the project’s larger framework.

Anxious Borders is supported by Tandem Turkey-EU Cultural Managers Exchange Program.

spacedigger is a transdisciplinary Berlin-based group of researchers and designers dedicated to questions regarding the urban sphere. As architects, urban planners, artists and social scientists we love to develop workshop concepts, conduct research on socio-spatial configurations and design playful or practical interventions in the fabric of the city.
Carbon Collective