bi'baxchange #03


Tuesday, 19.05.2015, at 8pm

bi’baxchange #03 invites the Turkish video collective artıkişler to present they current project is the digital media archive of social movements in Turkey. Starting from the Gezi resistance -Videoccupy archive- it aims to reveal the near history of Turkey with audio-visual recordings, documentations and testimonies.

bakma means ‘don’t look’ in Turkish. is inspired by a quotation by Ulus Baker: “‘Normal Citizens, Get Lost’… an announcement by the police which was heard in the centre of Ankara. The citizens who are not ‘normal’ should be probably the ones who were surrounded by the police forces and their tanks. State’s desire is definitely to make them ‘disappear’ (which doesn’t need a special talent) and disperse them as soon as possible. However, for the first time, we are learning through a police announcement towards ‘normal’ citizens that those people should be ‘lost’, ‘whisked away’, suddenly disappear from the busiest squares and streets of the city. ‘Don’t look’. Another police announcement, just as ‘get lost!’, ring in the ears… ‘Don’t look!’, this command aims at the special talent of a human being; ‘to look’ and ‘to see’… Whereas the humans truly have a talent to see anything, with its countless eyes (similar to the bees) even if they are not looking at and this is unavoidable…”

artıkişler [leftoverworks] is a video collective that tries to create collective production and distribution spaces in the fields of contemporary visual culture and arts. They follow the principles of collective working, exhibition and screening strategies in collaboration with other groups that have similar orientations on the breaking point issues of Turkey’s near social history such as: urban transformation, gentrification, forced migration, refugees, labor in urban space, archiving and collective social memory.

For more information about the works of artıkişler: