bi'baxchange #17


Friday, 24.03.2017, at 8pm

Within the series Hidden, Uprooted, Left Behind: Parental and Children’s Fates of Labor Migration, bi’baxchange #17 invites the authors of Daughters & Sons of Gastarbeiters to read about their experiences and memories as ‘suitcase children’ between Germany and Turkey.

Children, who are left alone in their home country, because their parents have to work abroad for economic reasons, are referred to as ‘suitcase children’ or ‘commuter children’. Almost 700,000 children of Turkish migrant workers have spent their childhood between the two countries, as well as numerous cases from Greece, Italy or Yugoslavia from the period of recruitment agreements.

The autors: Didem Yücel, Shlomit Tulgan, Semra Deniz, Ok-Hee Jeong and Cicek Bacik.

Daughters and Sons of Gastarbeiters is an open literary project by authors from Berlin, who followed their parents from the villages of Anatolia, Southern Europe and the Balkans to Germany, or were born into a working class family of the Federal Republic. Their fathers and mothers became “guest workers” in Germany, the economic miracle. The daughters and sons are now looking back: in performative readings, they tell their personal stories and relive them with pictures.

With the support of Aktionsfonds des QM Soldiner Strasse im Rahmen des Programms Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil Teilprogramm Soziale Stadt – Investition in die Zukunft.