bi'baxchange #01


Friday, 30.05.2014, at 8pm

One year ago the Gezi-Park protests in Istanbul began. The peaceful atmosphere of the early days were violated by police power and during a couple of days protests spread out from Gezi-Park to across all of Turkey. Gezi-Park protests inspired not only many people with consciousness for democracy and participation, but also let a new, young protest culture arise. The desire for a change became more crucial last year and this was a clear signal that things will never be the same. In spite of all the police violence and the aggression of the prime minister, Erdogan, which have given rise to a sharp polarization within society, the peaceful and uniting character of Gezi protests still shows the hope and desire for a country that is based on a functioning democracy, justice and freedom of speech and the wish for a society that is obtained by respect and tolerance for each other.

We will show some short films which deal with the protests from very different artistic point of views. The Turkish architect and independent writer Yelta Köm will present his initiative Herkes Icin Mimarlik (Architecture for All) and its internationally showed work #occupygezi architecture. Finally, we will show the documentary Ekümenopolis – City Without Limits by Imre Azem which concentrates on the neoliberal urbanization in Istanbul and thus highlights the background and motivation for Gezi-Park protests.