bi'baxchange #20


Friday, 29.09.2017 at 8pm

Berlin has a lot to offer for tourists. But not only museums, sights and cultural events are places of attraction – also districts with a high percentage of migration are getting more and more popular for visitors. Guided tours through Kreuzberg with “Turkish” Döner Kebab, bike-tours through African influenced quarters in Wedding or sunday trips to the East German-Vietnamese shopping center “Dong Xuan Center” in Marzahn are only a few examples of this phenomenon. The travel guide Lothar Gröschel takes a closer look on migration as a touristic attraction with his project Nächste Ausfahrt WeddingThe group Reisegruppe Heimweh! Berlin, organized by STUDIO URBANISTAN offers performative guided tours by and with refugees in Berlin, visiting places which were relevant for them after their arrival in Berlin. Through this an alternative view on the city arises.

Presentations and discussion with Karoline Kähler (STUDIO URBANISTAN) and Lothar Gröschel (Nächste Ausfahrt Wedding).

Funded by Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken aus Mitteln der BMZ