bi'baxchange #10


Sunday, 19.06.2016, at 9.30pm

bi’baxchange #10 invites Aisha Franz to present her newest Comic Shit is Real in an audiovisual performance.

Aisha Franz’ newest comic is sketching a future version of society which reflects the absurdity of our zeitgeist in an ironic way by reflecting on nutrition hysteria and automatic cat feeding machines. Shit is Real is telling us the story of Selma, who has just been dumped by her boyfriend. Besides her broken relationship other problems pile up, which trouble her. Completely overwhelmed by the social expectations that are placed on her, she is trying to find her own way through her emotional mess and takes refuge in her own bizarre fantasy worlds. There she finds a soulmate in a depressive fish.

Aisha Franz was born 1984 in Fürth. During her childhood she moved a view times with  her parents, who are from Columbia and Chile. She ended up in Kassel, where she studied Visual Communication at the local university of arts. Nowadays her daily life takes place in Berlin. Here she is working as an illustrator and an author of comic books. Aishas comics are mostly published by Reprodukt, a publishing house that is based in Berlin.