bi'baxchange #04


Friday, 29.05.2015, at 8pm

The tiger lived free and wild in the jungles of Africa. Due to the invasion of western civilization his habitat was destroyed. The tiger decided to emigrate to Europe. After his application for a German visa is rejected, he’s left no other option: he must travel illegally. However, he soon finds out that being an immigrant in Berlin is cumbersome and painful.

In spite of numerous obstacles, the tiger has meanwhile adapted to life in Berlin. He walks back and forth through the city. He’s already found some Berliner friends, moved into his flat, done some mini-jobs. He even got used to the cold summers and even tried a Currywurst.

For bi’baxchange #04 we have invited the tiger and his friends to bi’bak. Several projects by the artists Can Sungu and Malve Lippmann have already begun to tell the tiger’s tales of the big city. On this last Friday evening in May you will have the chance to experience  everything about the tiger at first hand, his adventurous journeys and his exhausting life in the German capital.

More Information about the project “Here comes the tiger…”

The projects were kindly funded by Berlin Projects Funds for Cultural Education