bi’baxchange #08


Friday, 22.04.2016, at 8pm

Turkish for Hipsters (T4H) aims to set off a relaxed form of re-integration, teaching some Turkish culture and the language to Berliners. The whole idea originally started off as a theme for a birthday party, shaping its way to a concept, still transporting the initial fun-factor. Oz, the brain behind T4H, was born in Istanbul, grew up in the Netherlands and currently lives in Berlin. With T4H, he represents a new form of cultural exchange that primarily works with irony and humour.

T4H-Special@bi’bak consists of little bits and bites of mind-blowing German-Turkish movies from the 70s and 80s which will be available for re-syncing in beginner level Turkish, exclusively for the fans of movie-karaoke. So get ready for the delayed culture shock, be aware of the side effects of “German soda” and please try harder to re-integrate yourself! Don’t worry, some raki and meze will be provided.