SO FAR APART: Readings and Panel Discussion

Friday, 05.10.2018 at 8 pm
So Far Apart: Readings and Panel Discussion

Location: Archive Kabinett

Labour migration is a worldwide phenomenon that challenges traditional family structures and creates transnational family patterns. The topic of separated families has been addressed in novels and other literary texts all over the world, both from the perspectives of women migrant workers and their children. The publication BITTER THINGS collects a range of these stories from the 1960s until today. In this reading event, the Moldovan writer Liliana Corobca will read an excerpt from her novel Kinderland. A chapter of the novel Milk in Paper by Stefano Polis will be read by the actor David Fischer.

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Kinderland: Reading with Liliana Corobca
The Moldovan writer Liliana Corobca describes the fate of twelve-year-old Cristina, who takes care of her little brothers, while the parents are working abroad. Their father is in Russia and their mother is looking after the children of a wealthy family in Italy.

Liliana Corobca, born in Saseni-Calarasi in Moldova, is a literary scholar and writer living in Bucharest. She has published six novels, a play, and several books on censorship of literature in communist Romania. Her novel Kinderland was published in the autumn of 2013.

Milk in Paper: Reading with David Fischer
In his autobiographical story Milk in Paper the author Stefano Polis reflects on his childhood, toing and froing between Greece and Germany in the 1970s. Like many other children of migrant workers, Polis grew up with an aunt after his parents had emigrated.

Stefano Polis, born in 1965 in Kozani, Greece, spent his childhood and adolescent years as a so-called suitcase child commuting between Greece and Germany, where his parents were working. Polis currently runs a hairdresser’s salon in Jülich near Düren. Milk in Paper is his first novel.

David Fischer,  after his acting education in Munich, played in Wilhelmshaven, Munich, Bonn, Düsseldorf, Istanbul, Vienna and Berlin. He worked in public stages, ensembles and for festivals, while being an esteemed member of the fringe ensemble and the French choreographer Jérôme Bel’s company.

The readings are followed by a panel discussion with Liliana Corobca (Author), Ok-Hee Jeong (Autor) and Bengü Kocatürk-Schuster (Researcher, DOMiD) moderated by Maike Suhr (Editor of the book BITTER THINGS).

Readings and discussion will be in German.
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