Book Launch Event

Followed by a talk with Ibrahim Arslan, Jasper Kettner and Heike Kleffner

Graphic Short Stories

Followed by a talk with Ersin Karabulut and Michael Jordan

Followed by a talk with Aisha Franz

A Mobile Job Market for the Neighbourhood

Followed by a talk with Çağın Kaya and Uygar Demoğlu

Animations from the Mobile Language Lab

Followed by a talk with Julia Kapelle


Followed by a talk with Caspar Pauli, Birgit Auf der Lauer and KABA HAT

Followed by a talk with artıkişler


Followed by a talk with Catriona Shaw and Malve Lippmann


Book Launch Event

Followed by a talk with Ibrahim Arslan, Jasper Kettner and Heike Kleffner

The Relatives

According to the Federal Government, 83 people have been killed by right-wing violence in Germany since 1990. Journalists from Zeit Online and Tagesspiegel have documented 169 fatalities and 61 suspected cases during that same time period, whilst the Amadeu Antonio Foundation names 194 fatalities and 12 suspected cases. For the victims of right-wing violence before 1990, there are no statistics.

The publication dedicates itself, through texts and photographs, to the families of the victims of racism and right-wing violence. It addresses the grieving of the bereaved alongside their struggle to regain their own dignity following false suspicion, and to recognize the dead as victims of politically motivated violence.

The presentation starts with a reading of individual texts by relatives that were created for the publication. The reading is followed by a conversation between Heike Kleffner and the editors Jasper Kettner and Ibrahim Arslan. After the conversation, food will be served by Lars Exit.

Ibrahim Arslan is a survivor of the racially motivated arson attack which took place in Mölln in 1992. He is an activist and an involved participator in the “Circle of Friends in Memory of the Racist Arson Attacks of Mölln 1992”, as well as an ambassador for democracy and tolerance.

Jasper Kettner lives as a freelance photographer in Berlin.

Heike Kleffner is a journalist and managing director of the Association of Counseling Centres for Victoms of Right, Racist and Anti-Semitic Violence (VBRG e.V.). She, along with Frank Jansen, has supervised the long-running research project “death toll of right-wing violence since 1990” for Tagesspiegel and ZEIT online.