bi'bakwerk works with innovative site specific education concepts, which aim at an equal participation and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and creativity. Our workshops are cross-generational and focus on issues arising from the immediate neighborhood.



Series of workshops researching the moving image / children's film program


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Workshop Leaders Franziska Schaum


In all cultures of the world, bees are kept to harvest honey and wax. There is still hardly anything more interesting to watch than these state-building animals in their various activities. In the intergenerational workshop, we get an inside look into the fascinating life of the bees. We will watch the bees in Soldiner Kiez in a glass showcase and learn many interesting things about the insects. How many bees live together in a hive? Does a bee die when it stings? How do bees communicate? Is the queen a prisoner? What happens to the drones after the wedding? Afterwards, we will spin and extract our own honey. At the end, everyone can fill their glass and take it with them or leave it for a joint tasting.

The workshop will focus on the bee and the cross-cultural practice of honey. Around the bees, the neighbours of Soldiner Kiez can meet and get to know one another. Starting from the observation of the insect-state, discussions about the coexistence of humans also arise. How do we deal with strangers? Who protects our state? How do we live and work together?

Im Auftrag des QM Soldiner Strasse gefördert durch die Bundesrepublik Deutschland und das Land Berlin im Rahmen der Zukunftsinitiative Stadtteil, Programm Soziale Stadt.