bi'bakwerk works with innovative site specific education concepts, which aim at an equal participation and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and creativity. Our workshops are cross-generational and focus on issues arising from the immediate neighborhood.


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A film project with unaccompanied refugee minors and their guardians (Vormünder)

Workshop Leaders Branka Pavlović, Malve Lippmann and Can Sungu


2014 outnumbered the previous years relating to the cipher of unaccompanied minor refugees about 45% (10,400). Committed adults, who take a volunteering custodianship for unaccompanied minor refugees, are opening the possibility for social participation, by accomodating them in their private homes. bi'bak developed and produced together with participants who already found a guardian a short film about the possibilities and advantages of the guardianship. The film addresses minor refugees who just arrived in Germany and potential guardians. It presents the idea and function of guardianship in an easy and fun way.

Link to the movie

In cooperation with XENION Psychosocial Aid for Politically Persecuted e.V. and the project akinda - Netzwerk Einzelvormundschaften Berlin

Honored with the 1st place of the Democracy Award Respect wins from the Berliner Ratschlag für Demokratie 2016.

Funded by Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung and Save the Children.