bi'bakwerk works with innovative site specific education concepts, which aim at an equal participation and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and creativity. Our workshops are cross-generational and focus on issues arising from the immediate neighborhood.



Series of workshops researching the moving image / children's film program


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Workshop Leaders Tuna Arkun and Malve Lippmann


Together with a group of children we take our pencils and sketchbooks, visit the Ethnological Museum and start an artistic research on this place. We examine the African masks and cult relics and reflect on the exhibition’s concept and its staging of “the exotic other”. Back at our working space, we continue to work on the graphic images and turn them into spatial installations by using recycling materials.

A Project by bi’bak in collaboration with the Gesundbrunnen-Grundschule.

Tuna Arkun, born in Istanbul, is a visual artist. Since 2007 he works in different projects as a concept developer and instructor of creative activities for children, youth and adults.

Malve Lippmann studied at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart and at the Institute for Art in Context at the Berlin University of the Arts (MA). She worked as a freelance stagedesigner and artist. Since 2010 she has also been active as a cultural manager in various cultural and community projects. She is co-founder and artistic director of bi'bak and Sinema Transtopia.